New student registrations for 2022 will open on 17th December. Please check back then!

Intake 1 from 17 December to 24 December 2022.

Intake 2 from 17th January 2022 onwards.

A $25 per child registration fee applies to new students who are not currently dancing with us in T4/2021. 


Dance Chora has been established in Randwick since 2005 and continues to build a tradition of providing fun lessons, whilst producing students of excellence. Many students may not choose dance as a career, however, is important that correct training be given from the beginning, so that the doors of opportunity are wide open. It is equally important that a love of dance is nurtured and encouraged in all students so that, whether professionally or for leisure, dance remains a life long source of inspiration and joy. 

Training is provided at a high standard and the students at DC are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. Developing individual potential is high on the list of priorities, as is the development of good relationships between teachers, staff, fellow students and parents. 
Dance Chora is a fun place to be. It buzzes with activity each afternoon and all day Saturday. It is a safe and friendly place, where each child and student is treated with respect and where lasting friendships blossom. Finally, it is where the love of dance is taught through inspiration and care.




Teeny & Tiny Tots

Jazz Funk


RAD Ballet

Open ballet


Hip Hop


Musical Theatre (MT)


Kicks, Leaps and Turns (KLT)



Our levels are based on a student’s year at school. Teachers can also move students up or down a level at their discretion so that the student’s needs are being catered to. If a child has been held back from starting school, they cannot dance up a level, they must dance with their year group cohort; there are no exceptions, so please do not make this request.




TINY TOTS - 4 YRS PLUS (must turn 4 years by 1st April this year)















TEEN 7 -  YEAR 7


INTER FOUNDATION - YEAR 7 (Must have completed Grade 5 Ballet exam to participate).


INTER BALLET - YEAR 8 (Must have completed Inter Foundation Ballet exam to participate).





Exams, Showgroup and Eisteddfod Policy

Exams and class awards are offered in Ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance. Although they are not compulsory for students who attend Ballet lessons, should students wish to partake in examinations or awards, Grade 2 to Grade 5 Ballet students must attend 2 x RAD ballet classes per week and Inter Found and Inter Ballet must attend 2 x RAD classes and 1 x Open ballet class per week. There are extra costs involved in undertaking examinations and awards. An ‘Expressions of Interest’ email will be sent to parents in Term 1.


Dance Chora’s Showgroup is an extension program for a selective group of dancers who display technique and skill above their age average. To accept a Showgroup invitation, a contract must be signed by a parent or guardian agreeing to the terms and a one-off annual payment must be made to cover the cost of eisteddfod/competition entries and costumes. Occasionally, different footwear is also required to be purchased. Ballet and Jazz are both a Showgroup prerequisite as they improve posture, coordination, strength and technique, all of the base foundations needed to create a strong dancer. Students must also possess skills in a wide range of dance genres.

Eisteddfods and other public appearances are all part of Showgroup commitments.  Showgroup class fees apply per term as per the 2021 fee schedule.




All members of staff are committed to continuing the traditions of inspiration, excellence and joy. They are professionally qualified, gifted teachers and are WWC checked. 

Student teachers, who are in the process of training to be dance teachers at Dance Chora, are also carefully mentored. 


Terms and Fee Payment

There are four terms in the year. Terms are 9 weeks long. The RLI is used as a polling place for local, state and federal elections. In the event of an election interrupting Saturday classes, refunds are not given, however, catch-up lessons are offered.


2021 Term Dates:


Term 1: Friday 29th January to Thursday 1st April.


Term 2: Monday 19th April to Monday 21st June.

No classes Monday 14th June due to Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday.


Term 3: Monday 12th July to Saturday 18th September.


Term 4:  Monday 13th October to October to Saturday 11th December


Term fee invoices are sent via email before the commencement of each term, with the exception of Term 1, when invoices are sent at the end of the first week back. Term fees are payable by the due date stated on the invoice.

DANCE CHORA PREFERS BANK TRANSFER but also accepts cheques and cash. If you are paying by cash or cheque, please place fees in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and amount enclosed.


‘Fee schedule’ for 2021:


1 lesson per week  =  $145 per term

2 lessons per week =  $255 per term

3 lessons per week =  $360 per term

4 lessons per week =  $465 per term

5 lessons per week =  $570 per term

6 lessons per week =  $675 per term

7 lessons per week =  $780 per term

8 lessons per week =  $885 per term

9 lessons per week =  $990 per term

10 lessons per week and over = $1095 per term capped


*Siblings are totalled together.




Private lessons

Private lessons are organised by our teachers to fulfil the requirements for exam criteria or to develop a student’s technique, they are not, however, for students with poor attendance to catch up on class work. Please call Trudi to discuss lesson options. Soloists and Duo competitors are selected by our staff, parents cannot nominate their own children for a solo or duo.  Soloists and Duos who perform at a comp are not guaranteed a concert routine.



Absence, Late Fees and Penalties Policy

Refunds are not given unless absence is longer than 4 weeks due to ill health or injury stated on a doctor’s certificate. If a student is absent without DC’s knowledge for 3 or more consecutive lessons, their registration will be forfeited and their position will go to someone on the waiting list. DC does not offer catch up lessons for missed classes.

If your child is going to be absent from dancing, please send a short message via SMS to 0410766726. If you are going to be late for pick up, please call us to let us know ASAP.

If an invoiced amount is not received by us within 14 days of the due date, a late fee of $30 will be charged. Unfortunately, a student’s registration will be cancelled if term fees are outstanding after the fourth week of term.


Trialling a class or holding a place

DC offers trial classes to all registered students giving them the opportunity to try different dance styles. Trials are charged at a pro-rata rate. Trials cannot be offered if a class is full. If you do not turn up for your first class trial or if you register for a class and are a no-show, your place in the class is forfeited. Places are not held for no-shows or for non-participating students under any circumstance. Uniforms are not required for class trials, but active wear and appropriate footwear is a must.



Our ‘Showcase’ Concert is held in Term 4. Children and parents get a taste of real theatre, complete with full-scale rehearsals, costumes, makeup, lights, music and a live audience. This experience of performing is vital to the development of the young dancer, as well as being thrilling, exciting and fun.

There is a strong focus on concert routines during Term 3 and Term 4 classes. New registrations are not accepted at this time.

Costume Hire charges are also due in Term 3 (see below). It is imperative that students, who are enrolled for Term 3 commit to their classes for the remainder of the year. If a student wishes to discontinue a class, please call Trudi before the commencement of Term 3 so that routines can be choreographed with ease and to avoid a costume charge.

A one-off tech & rehearsal fee is charged in addition to costumes and is added to the Costume Hire invoice.


Our 2021 concert is being held at The Concourse, Chatswood on Wednesday 1st December. There will be a matinee and an evening show.

Students will be required to attend a Tech rehearsal during part of school hours, times TBA.

There are no regular classes at DC on this day, catch up lessons will be offered in Week 9.

Costume Hire and Tech & Rehearsal Charges T’s and C’s

DC Costume Hire and Rehearsal Fee invoices will be emailed to families in Term 3. Costume fees are payable by the due date listed on the invoice. For those who withdraw from DC after the invoice due date, Costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Occasionally, certain footwear is required for our concert and is to be purchased separately.


-Tiny  and Teeny Tiny Tots 



1 lesson per week  =    $45

2 lessons per week =    $90

3 lessons per week =  $135

4 lessons per week =  $180

5 lessons per week =  $225

6 lessons per week =  $270

7 lessons per week =  $315

8 lessons per week =  $360

9 lessons per week =  $405

10 lessons per week= $450


All other students:

1 lesson per week  =    $55

2 lessons per week =  $110

3 lessons per week =  $165

4 lessons per week =  $220

5 lessons per week =  $275

6 lessons per week =  $330

7 lessons per week =  $385

8 lessons per week =  $440

9 lessons per week =  $495

10 lessons per week= $550


Costumes are not distributed until costume fees are finalised. 

Tech & Rehearsal Fees change from year to year based upon the directives from NIDA, staff supervision requirements, music licensing and insurance costs. 

Fees range from $40 to $60 per student. Teeny & Tiny Tots are not required at rehearsals and are only charged a tech fee. 

Active Kids & Creative Kids Provider

Dance Chora is both an Active Kids and a Creative Kids Provider. Please send through your voucher details: Name, Number and DOB, we will process your voucher and re-issue your invoice. 



Our Dance Chora uniform is compulsory for all students. T-shirts, tanks, jackets or jumpers must be worn to and from dancing. Underneath, a DC leotard or Teen/Senior singlet is compulsory dance wear (with the exception of Hip Hop students) so that the teacher can see the students correct body alignment. Hair should be tied up securely in a bun. Please read below to check the requirements for each class.



Teeny & Tiny Tots: Dance Chora Tutu and pink leather Ballet shoes.


Ballet: DC leotard, Theatrical pink performance tights or ballet socks. Pink leather Ballet shoes, hair secured in a bun.

Acro & Contemporary: DC leotard or Teen/Senior Singlet, DC shorts. No footwear required. Footless skin tone performance tights optional.  Hair secured in a bun.


Tap, Jazz Funk, Conditioning, KLT and Musical Theatre: DC leotard or Teen/Senior Singlet, DC shorts. Black Jazz shoes full or split sole. Black tap shoes. Skin Tone performance tights optional. Hair secured in a bun.


Hip Hop: DC Tank, DC shorts, Sneakers/Runners of your choice. Black and White high top converse are required for Showcase and can be worn in class.

Boys uniform: Dance Direct Maroubra and Capezio Bondi Junction stock all boys wear. Footwear as above, except for Ballet shoes, which may be black. 


To complete an online order from the uniform shop, visit the website:



Orders take 5-10 business days to process depending on our suppliers. Visit our website to view our uniform and prices: www.dancechora.com.au/uniform



Behaviour Policy

Every student should have a safe and enjoyable experience at Dance Chora. Students should listen to and follow the teacher’s instructions.

They should show respect to their teachers and fellow students. Intimidation, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or any other acts of unacceptable behaviour will result in suspension from classes or expulsion from Dance Chora. This expectation extends to the parents and guardians of our students. No refunds will be given under these circumstances.



Studio Guidelines

Due to the Randwick Literary Institute being a public building, we recommend the following guidelines for the safeguarding of our students:

-Students should not arrive more than 5 minutes before their first lesson.

-Children are not allowed to move around the building unsupervised. 

-Parents must wait outside the building

-Students are under the supervision and care of the staff at Dance Chora during class times, however, this duty of care does not extend beyond class times, outside the building.

Please contact us if you will be late for pick up BEFORE your child's class ends.



Safety Policy

Parents/guardians must read and submit a registration form at the beginning of each new year. Parents are still responsible to notify Dance Chora in writing of any Medical condition, complaint or history suffered by the student, which prevents the student from engaging in passive or physical activity.

By submitting the registration form, the signatory agrees that all activity at Dance Chora is undertaken at the student’s own risk. Dance Chora accepts no responsibility or liability for personal injury or property damage arising from any activity undertaken at or on behalf of the school.

If you do not wish for your child’s photos to be used publicly or for promotional purposes please specify this in writing to Dance Chora.

Full uniform is expected in every class as per uniform requirements.

Use of mobile phones during class time is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Student Classrooms

Whilst we offer many opportunities for you to see your child 'in action', Dance Chora classes are student only classes to ensure that:

- All students in the class can concentrate and focus on their teacher's instructions and directions

- There is one clear teaching figure in the room

- Classes remain calm and under control at all times

- Your child effectively learns to take direction from someone other than his or her parents

- There is minimal disruption to class proceedings

- Children gain confidence and independence 



We will respond to your texts, calls and emails within our business hours. If you wish to contact our staff, please let us know and we will put them in touch with you.  


Intake 1 from 17 December to 24 December 2022.

Intake 2 from 17th January 2022 onwards.


A $25 per child registration fee applies to new students who are not currently dancing with us in T4/2021. 




Dance Chora will attempt to accommodate all students, but cannot guarantee placement into the desired classes.



Confirmation of Registration

You will receive a GOOGLE FORMS email with your selected classes along with a Paypal receipt. These are your confirmation of classes. 

Shortly after this time, you will receive a Welcome email from DC.

Contact Us

Email: admin@dancechora.com.au

Head of Operations: Amber 0410766726

Principal: Trudi 0409902836

How to Register:

2021 Registrations have closed. Please check back on 17th December to register for classes in 2022.